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Patient Success Stories

Estela Serrano

Estela Serrano

Success for Estela: Following Her True Calling

Estela Serrano earns a living as a customer service business analyst. In the evenings and on weekends, however, she works toward her true calling, taking classes that will eventually lead to a graduate degree in mental health counseling. “I want to help people who are hurting become mentally and emotionally well again,” she explains.

Her upbeat attitude served her well when she went through her own recent physical and emotional challenges. A year after she had a lumpectomy, a follow-up mammogram showed that a tumor had reappeared in her breast, the same size and in the same location as before. Though there was no family history of breast cancer, Estela recognized that there was a strong chance it could return yet again following a similar procedure.

After discussing her options with her surgeon, she elected to undergo a mastectomy, a difficult decision that was made easier when she learned that her breast could be reconstructed with biological tissue, eliminating the need to wear a prosthesis. Robert Grant, MD, Chief of Plastic Surgery at New York Presbyterian Hospital, performed the reconstructive surgery using the ALLOMAX® Surgical Graft, a sterile, regenerative human dermal matrix. The ALLOMAX® graft provided a natural framework for Estela’s own tissue to grow into and, in a relatively short time, remodel. A breast implant completed the reconstruction.

“I wanted to take care of this and move on,” Estela says. And move on she did, beginning dance classes just a few weeks after the surgery. “The procedure has been nothing short of a blessing.”