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An integral part of Bard’s mission as an industry leader is to ensure that all employees, officers and directors adhere to the highest ethical standards, and comply with all laws applicable to Bard’s global business operations.

We believe that adherence to these standards protects Bard’s reputation and assets, heightens investor confidence, and increases shareholder value. Bard’s corporate governance is designed to uphold our core values and align our employees and shareholders. 

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Corporate Guidelines

_icon_pdf-(4).png Corporate Governance Guidelines

Corporate Documents

_icon_pdf-(4).png Certificate of Incorporation
_icon_pdf-(4).png By-Laws

Bard Board Committees

_icon_pdf-(4).png Committee Memberships
_icon_pdf-(4).png Audit Committee Charter
_icon_pdf-(4).png Compensation Committee Charter
_icon_pdf-(4).png Governance Committee Charter
_icon_pdf-(4).png Regulatory Compliance Committee Charter

Contact the Bard Board of Directors

Visit Bard’s Contact page and select Contact the Board of Directors for more information.

Compliance and Ethics

_icon_pdf-(4).png Business Ethics Policy (English)
_icon_pdf-(4).png Arabic
_icon_pdf-(4).png Chinese
_icon_pdf-(4).png Czech
_icon_pdf-(4).png Dutch
_icon_pdf-(4).png French
_icon_pdf-(4).png German
_icon_pdf-(4).png Greek
_icon_pdf-(4).png Italian
_icon_pdf-(4).png Japanese
_icon_pdf-(4).png Korean
_icon_pdf-(4).png Polish
_icon_pdf-(4).png Portuguese
_icon_pdf-(4).png Russian
_icon_pdf-(4).png Spanish
_icon_pdf-(4).png Turkish

_icon_pdf-(4).png Code of Ethics for Senior Financial Officers

_icon_pdf-(4).png California Health & Safety Code

_icon_pdf-(4).png California Transparency in Supply Chain Act (SB 657): Supplier Disclosure Statement

AdvaMed Logo  

Bard is a proud sponsor of the AdvaMed Code of Ethics.