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Our Impact on the Community

Cash Grants Program

Since 1987, the C. R. Bard Foundation has provided grants totaling approximately $42 million to organizations in the areas of health and community development, education, arts and culture, as well as matching gifts to the United Way and Community Health Charities. In 2016, Bard Foundation, Corporate, U.S. Divisions and international cash grants totaled $4,302,382.

Matching Gift Program

We match gifts made by active U.S. employees and directors of C. R. Bard, Inc. to non-profit organizations that are important to them. The match is made on a 1:1 basis to U.S. organizations that work in the areas of health, community development, education, and arts and culture. In 2016, Bard matched a total of $882,423 in employee gifts. 

Workplace Campaigns

Bard is proud to help the United Way and Community Health Charities fund programs and services to support people in local communities. In addition to the regular matching gift program, Bard matched employee donations to United Way and Community Health Charities in the amount of $532,257 during the 2016 workplace campaign. 

Product Donations and In-Kind Gifts

Bard donates to non-profit disaster relief and humanitarian aid organizations that are able to respond to worldwide medical emergencies and missions.  In 2016, Bard made product donations totaling $275,833.

Corporate Volunteerism

Employees are encouraged to volunteer time at community nonprofit organizations. Indeed, many employees have done their part by participating in a wide range of local activities.  In 2016, Bard employees around the world volunteered over 11,000 hours. 

Division Cash Donations

Each domestic division site has an allocation of Foundation donations. A committee at each location decides which charities will ultimately receive these donations. In 2016, Bard domestic divisions awarded $241,939 to organizations that benefit the communities where Bard employees live and work. 

International Donations

Bard's international divisions and their employees show concern for their communities by committing volunteer time and dollars to support those in need. In 2016, Bard International locations awarded $478,200 to organizations that benefit the communities where Bard employees live and work.